Prior to launch, Darren Miller shared the Black British Initiative’s MBA 30 vision and in response, I immediately committed!

As part of MBA 30 cohort one, Not only did MBA 30 surpass my expectations, the academic input from SOAS’s various professors and doctors provided deep learning, perfectly complimented with dynamic contemporary insights from global leaders representing Vodafone, KPMG and Adidas amongst other blue-chip brands, all curated from the BBI ecosystem. From the many excellent industry specialists provided by Black British Initiative, Chris Turner CEO of B Corp UK, discussing how successful businesses can also be a force for good and Martin Verdult, Executive Vice President EMEA for Media Monks, who concisely explained the correlation between data and driving profit, really resonated with me.

Without doubt, completion of MBA30 has broadened my business horizons and caused me to adopt a fresh approach.

I cannot commend MBA 30 enough and hope fellow Black Entrepreneurs, will take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Well done Black British Initiative and partners, the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation for realising and improving on a purposeful vision.

Dean Ricketts

The Watch-Men Agency

Heartfelt thanks for the brilliant organization and execution of Black British Initiative’s MBA 30. I think every single person would have taken something different from the course. Having worked in finance for almost 20 years and completed a 1 year Management studies course at Cambridge University (after my History degree) I have to say that the more theory based lessons were informative, but less valuable. However, the lived experiences from the various speakers was nothing short of inspirational. This course allowed people to learn things that you cannot read in a book, and given the landscape, demographics and diversity of the business world, some things that are very hard to even conceptualize. It's incredibly difficult to be something you can't see; MBA 30 showed what is possible.

The challenges that any business can face can be daunting, Black businesses have those challenges and then many additional ones. Hearing success stories and losses and the lessons learnt is crucial. I was so inspired by one of the speakers that I invested my own money into his company! Because I am fundraising myself, it wasn’t a huge amount, but the support we all show each other can go such a long way.

Everyone on the course has become so close, and just being able to have a group of brothers and sisters to share good times, bad times and experiences with has been a luxury. It's amazing how many people are in the same boat with so many things. You will be so pleased to hear that people are already sharing contacts and networks to make life easier for other people.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Natwest, Vodafone, Paramount Global, Clyde & Co and other sponsors of MBA 30. To come together and offer support for this group can have really life changing consequences. I really hope the sponsors get to know what the Founders and businesses do and continue to support. Pulling up entire ecosystems was a consistent theme in many businesses, whether sustainable fashion, diversity in hiring, or my Art advisory and gallery business that offers the world's best a platform and chance to showcase their talent. If those businesses have the ability to connect, use services and expertise of MBA 30 businesses, a legacy will be built indeed.

Aki Abiola

Founder of Hope 93

I had the privilege of enrolling in the Black British Initiative MBA 30 course cohort one, and I can confidently say it was a transformative experience. This program not only provided me with a solid foundation in business management but also equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Darren Miller, Founder and CEO of Black British Initiative (BBI), has demonstrated exceptional dedication in affording both myself and my peers this remarkable educational opportunity. Prior to embarking on the BBI MBA 30 program, the thought of pursuing an MBA had never crossed my mind. I decided to enrol on BBI’s mini MBA 30 course because it struck me as a unique and distinctive program in comparison to other MBA courses. The BBI MBA 30 course stands out due to its commitment to diversity and inclusion, its practical approach to learning, and its ability to empower individuals from various backgrounds. This emphasis on diversity and practicality, coupled with the opportunity it presents to underrepresented groups, distinguishes it from many traditional MBA programs. These unique features of the BBI MBA 30 course align with my personal and professional goals, making it a compelling choice for my educational journey.

The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, covering a wide range of essential topics, from strategic planning to leadership and innovation. The lecturers and guest speakers were not only experts in their fields but also dedicated educators who made complex concepts easy to understand.

This program's emphasis on practical learning further ensured that all students, regardless of their background, are well-prepared for the challenges of the business world. We had numerous opportunities to work on real-world case studies, collaborate with industry professionals, and apply what we learned in the classroom to solve actual business challenges. As a direct result of this course, my own confidence in securing substantial contracts for my company has notably increased.

What truly sets the BBI MBA 30 course apart is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. This program offers minorities a unique opportunity to excel in the world of business, an opportunity that I believe is not readily found elsewhere. The emphasis on diversity not only enriches the learning experience but also reflects the reality of today's global business environment.

The support and camaraderie among fellow students were exceptional. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of my classmates enriched the learning environment, and I built valuable professional connections that will last a lifetime.

I must also commend the program's flexibility, allowing me to balance my studies with running my company and personal commitments. The SOAS University of London online format and resources made it convenient to connect remotely and excel in this program.

In conclusion, the BBI MBA 30 course exceeded my expectations, and I am immensely grateful for the knowledge and skills it has provided me. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to advance their career in the world of business.

Dr Maryam Abubakar


Camford Medicals LTD


I was selected as part of the inaugural class for the Black British Initiative (BBI) SOAS MBA 30 programme. It was a great opportunity to learn alongside ambitious Black Entrepreneurs and get access to experienced Academics. As a Black Entrepreneur there are not many programmes catered for us and our specific needs as Black Business Leaders.

Some of the highlights of the MBA 30 Programme that particularly stood out for me were the guest lectures by Black Entrepreneurs Emmanuel Eribo Founder of LOCI and Michael Barrington of Barrington Hibbert Associates. Their direct and candid approach to Business along with them sharing some common hurdles we have as Black Business Leaders and the remarkable achievements they have made was very inspiring. SOAS Academics were very detailed and were open to our questions during their sessions.

I would recommend the Black British Initiative SOAS MBA 30 programme to ambitious Black Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Anthony Odogwu


RXTRO STORE (Pronounced Retro)

The MBA 30 met and exceeded my expectations. On day one my mind was blown and I was deeply inspired by the dynamic energy of the cohort and speakers such as Lord Michael Hastings, Jess Neil, Michael Barrington Hibbert and Emmanuel Eribo. To see so many creative entrepreneurs of colour here in the UK was a really comforting feeling. The candour and calibre of most of the speakers was reassuring and comforting. Most of the lecturers were equally engaging and dynamic.

As the course progressed, I felt more and more energised as I got used to the format and more breaks helped me to better absorb the vast amount of information and wisdom we received.

I realise that being in the course has further ignited me to set forward more plans in motion and make bolder asks and negotiations in various dealings I am currently working on.

The network, encouragement, re-affirmations and inspiration to find clarity and move forward has also been very impressive and I have already began to leverage connections made. I have also started to implement new vocabulary and lingo I had not used prior to the course. I now have a better understanding of different stages and phases of growth and scale, my confidence and clarity has increased and MBA 30 has re-affirmed the creativity that has always existed inside of me at just the right time. Thank you Black British Initiative, Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation and SOAS, the University of London.

Tzaddi A, Bija Garden, September 2023 Inaugural Cohort

Black British Initiative’s MBA 30, has immediately fed back into my business thinking and strategy moving forward. As I am in a position of rebuilding my business, the course has been incredibly useful in walking me through the foundations of this re-build to make sure that they are strong and long-lasting, and has highlighted to me mistakes that I had made in the past that I now have an opportunity to re-align.

On top of building on my business acumen, the guest speakers we had the pleasure of hearing from, such as Andrew Xeni, CEO & Founder of Fabacus and Founder of Nobody’s Child as well as Amanda Rajkumar, Global HR, People and Culture for Adidas, were incredibly useful and more importantly inspirational in showing success from multiple angles, and I am very grateful to have these experts within my network moving forward. Lastly being in a group of peers such as this one has already created a wonderful small community, who I know I will grow with and feedback to, and I am excited to see how we all collaborate in the future.

Overall I could not recommend MBA 30 more highly as I know that where I am at now with building my business has greatly advanced because of this short but impactful course.


MBA 30 met my initial expectations. I anticipated connecting with some amazing like-minded entrepreneurs, hearing from incredible industry experts, and have the course tailored towards black entrepreneurs addressing the unique issues we face. I was also hoping to build relationships with university lecturers and amazing contributors after the course is completed, resulting in resources to help on the journey and beyond.

I am pleased to share, my expectations were exceeded throughout the programme. I was extremely impressed with the collaboration and synergy with the Stephen Lawrence Foundation. Charlotte King and Jess Neil did an outstanding job and made significant contributions. I could clearly see the passion in their words and actions. Lord Hastings' introductory speech was truly inspiring and touching as he emphasized the power of education, which I deeply felt. In terms of contributions, there were many that resonated with me, such as Michael Barrington-Hibbert, Emmanuel Eribo, Amadu Sowe, Zulum Elumogo, Amanda Rajkumar, just to mention a few.

I'd also like to give a special shoutout to Alberto, who led the programme brilliantly, using fantastic analogies and theories to connect ideas through practical frameworks. Additionally, the SOAS team, Simmy and Emelia, did an excellent job facilitating.

Honestly, I loved the programme and have already recommended it to two people in my network. Finally, I must salute Darren Miller for being obedient to the vision and making this a reality. He is truly a pioneer for putting this together, and I'll always be here to support and give back, a token of my appreciation for being part of MBA 30 cohort one, the first-ever programme.

I can envision this becoming a global initiative, fostering the growth of many successful businesses and elevating them through this programme. I'd like to express my gratitude to all the sponsors and supporters of the programme; you are truly making a difference. MBA 30 has significantly boosted my confidence as a black entrepreneur and given me the assurance that success, fundraising, and making a difference through businesses and problem-solving are indeed possible.

Adedapo Dalley

Founder @ Events Meets World

I would love to share my recent journey with you all, one that aligns beautifully with my core values of lifelong learning, and empowerment. I recently completed the MBA30 Programme developed by Black British Initiative Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation SOAS University of London , and to say it has been transformational would be an understatement.

Juggling a packed client delivery schedule and having attained post-graduate qualifications, I still eagerly enrolled in this mini-MBA from SOAS University. Why? Because at Mahogany Inclusion Partners, we passionately believe in creating inclusive cultures where everyone can be and do their best. To deliver this effectively to our clients, I understand the vital importance of pausing to work ON the business, not just IN it. This programme offered the perfect blend of strong academic theory and practical application to help our mission thrive.

What really stood out for me was the richness of the curriculum and the dynamism of the learning experience. Beyond the academia from SOAS's renowned professors, the programme was perfectly complemented by real-world insights from global industry leaders like Vodafone KPMG Hearing from industry leaders like Lord Dr Michael Hastings CBE Michael Barrington-Hibbert , Emmanuel Eribo Andrew Xeni was just mind-blowing. like Vodafone KPMG Hearing from industry leaders like Lord Dr Michael Hastings CBE Michael Barrington-Hibbert , Emmanuel Eribo Andrew Xeni was just mind-blowing.

On top of all that, the value of networking can't be overstated. Being in the same space with like-minded business owners who challenge you compassionately and motivate you is incredibly empowering.

So, here’s my heartfelt shoutout to Darren Miller, Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, Black British Initiative and SOAS University of London for curating such a transformational course that has broadened my horizons and encouraged me to adopt a fresh approach in business and life. Thank you! If you're a Black business owner, regardless of the size or stage of your enterprise, I highly recommend exploring MBA30. Trust me, you won't regret it and you will thank me later.

And to the awesome fellow entrepreneurs that I met on the journey, you rock! Let’s continue to learn and grow together.

Aggie Mutuma


Mahogany Inclusion Partners

The MBA30 has been a game changer for my confidence. I'm at a pivotal point in my entrepreneurial journey where I wanted to learn more business theory but struggled to get away from daily operations to do a longer course. The structure of this short but empowering course worked perfectly for my schedule and there was a really good variety of topics to upack. Also the industry guests who joined were world class! It was inspiring to hear their stories and have a chance to pick their brains, especially Andrew Xeni and Julian Douglas. I've already started telling my friends to sign up so they can join the next cohort.

Amani Simpson

Award Winning Youth Coach, Filmmaker and Campaigner